Made an Axton, Need advice.

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User Info: Theismos

4 years ago#21
An explosive build with the nuke turret and rocket pods just makes you feel all tingly.

User Info: SolidStryder

4 years ago#22
SinisterBlade posted...
Guys, with a correct built used along side a nice loadout, you will not ever “need” slag boosts to turn everything to dust. Axton is my second favorite character, and because of his Jack-of-all-Trades nature, Ive constructed and used a few builds. The nuke turret combined with scorched earth, battlefront, metal storm and decent weapons is just.. damn.
My two favorite builds with him are based around explosive spam or my shock build. Imo the Nuke Turret + Longbow is mandatory. You dont need magnet pull, I actually prefer not utilizing it, so I can indirectly drop the “little lady” from long range on peoples heads, with a nice added Nuke to warm their soul. Once the inevitable 1st kill from your Turret is done, you gain the metal storm boost and this, combined with battlefront AND scorched earth all equals one bad day to be a bandit. Its beautiful.

Never been a fan of longbow, but Gunpowder tree w/ Guerilla tree is definitely the way to go for maximum damage output. A lot of fun and death to be had along that route.

User Info: SinisterBlade

4 years ago#23
I cant live without it, too many tactical and ambush opportunities missed if it isnt used. I use longbow nades as well, and being able to mortar nuke groups indirectly is simply invaluable to me now.
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User Info: kaiserjue

4 years ago#24
Played two turrets w /missile loved them. Latter made a duplicate then hacked and maxed everything, so I could see true potential. Totally respect for Longbow nuke. Had no idea what I was missing.
XBL- JUE1985
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