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User Info: Bare_Omnislash

4 years ago#1
I'm after some level 50 oranges
DP Unkempt Harold, Two Fear Maggie, Normal Maggie, 400k Nukem, 94% Sham would be my prefrence or rare skins and heads but would also like anything that is not on my trade list that follows:

Level 40 Practicable Conference Call
Level 10 Impetous Hellfire
Level 24 Miss Moxxi’s Bad Touch
Level 24 Homing Pandemic
Level 9 Flame Of The Firehawk
Level 48 Operational Morning Star
Level 45 Miss Moxxi’s Heart Breaker
Level 40 The Sham 94%
Level 40 Alkaline The Bee
Level 49 Dobby White Death
Level 45 Vengful Infinity
Level 45 Practicable Conference Call
Level 50 Miss Moxxi’s Good Touch
Level 50 Breach Scorpio
Level 50 Slayer Of Terramorphous Assasin Class Mod
Level 50 Alkaline Hide Of Terramorphous
Level 50 Inflammable Hide Of Terramorphous
Level 45 Neogenator
Level 45 The Sham 94%
Level 45 level 45 Alkaline The Bee
Level 45 Grounded Whiskey Tango Foxtrot
Level 50 Alkaline The Bee
Level 50 Inflammable Love Thumper

message my GT Bare Soul

p.s. where is the best place to level up my level 29 siren since they patched flesh stick

User Info: Violent_Shadow

4 years ago#2
I got the 4 weapons you are asking for. in exchange i would like to get the L40 Sham, L24 Pandemic, L45 Alkaline Bee and your L45 practicable CC.

"Beautiful lies beget ugly truths."

User Info: Bare_Omnislash

4 years ago#3
give me a couple of minutes and i will invite you

User Info: Violent_Shadow

4 years ago#4
Thanks for the items!
"Beautiful lies beget ugly truths."

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