Going back to Borderlands 1 for a bit

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User Info: shnangyboos

4 years ago#11
I got back on it a couple days ago, and the first vending machine I checked had a caustic equalizer that was better than the one I was carrying. Within an hour I had seen 6 more oranges. I couldn't believe it.
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User Info: Raptorkitty

4 years ago#12
I've been thinking about it. I like the loot in the first more. Never found a pearlecant though. All mine came from friends.
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User Info: JustinTheJagged

4 years ago#13
I go back to the first one every once in awhile because I just love running around punching people in the face with Brick.

I also really love the Rhino rocket launcher.
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User Info: xDlonix13x

4 years ago#14
funny topic.....i just went out and bought goty edition today of bl1....i played the original without dlc a whiiile back on a friends system.....im at like 650hrs on bl2 and really didnt know what else to do...

User Info: malcolm913

4 years ago#15
I was never able to get a Pearlescent from Crawmerax.
GT: malcolm913

User Info: replicant

4 years ago#16
I never picked up BL2 after playing it with a friend. I've played a good bit in BL2, but I much prefer BL1 over it.
Bear "replicant" Powell
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