Your top 5 underrated 'NON LEGENDARY' guns

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User Info: SuprSaiyanRockr

4 years ago#11
JimiMorrison187 posted...
Forgot about the Elephant Gun. Never really use it though even though I liked it a lot in BL1.

To be honest, I might give it another try. After the cap increase, I'll see if I can get a decent one. I keep getting either a bladed one or a level 49 one.
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User Info: fakesnoop77

4 years ago#12
xHuckleberry posted...
Moxxi Weapons.

And the Dahlminator.

Agreed. Both the Rubi and Heart Breaker are solid guns as well as Good/Bad Touch SMG's

I am also a fan of Maliwan E-Tech SMG's and Jakobs Two-Fer Iron
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User Info: davinthegreat98

4 years ago#13
do the sandhawk and fibber count as "underrated" ?

sandhawk, fibber, Cobra, Moxxie's kitten, Rubi.
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User Info: Jambi_Man

4 years ago#14
Now, I'm leaving off weapons such as Blasters, Ravager, & Plasma Casters. I don't feel those are under-rated.

- Railers- if ammo consumption isn't an issue...

- Anarchist, TMP, Fighter, Assassin... ANY Vladof pistol. Anarchists are so awesome, they will always be under-rated in my mind.

- Critical Thinking (elemental variants especially)- a CC in blue/purple skin.

- Jolly Roger- powerful, with decent mid range efficiency.

- Guerrillas, Renegades-(elemental variants especially). I'll take my corrosive renegade all day against loaders, same with my fire resolute guerrilla against bandits. Good, fun guns.

Special mention for the Judge, & Scorpio.
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User Info: booyakasha128

4 years ago#15
Cat mods for Sirens are really cool, I have one with 94% SMG damage and -26% SMG accuracy that shreds mooks.

I also love the Elephant Gun, never liked it in BL1 but with the pinpoint precision of BL2's snipers it's a lot easier to use.

I wanna get a level 50 of Moxxi's Heartbreaker, that thing was tearing up fleshies on my Normal mode playthrough with Zer0 but it needs TVHM testing.
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User Info: JimiMorrison187

4 years ago#16
Jolly Roger is pretty good. Been using a slag one with a C.C. on Sal sometimes when I need to take care of some close quarters stuff. Went the slag one since I already had 2 CC's and it had the highest damage of any that I was farming as well so I just quit and took it. I have a Corrosive one too I think.
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  3. Your top 5 underrated 'NON LEGENDARY' guns

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