They're literally charging money for a level increase and rare weapons

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User Info: Hardcore74Leo

4 years ago#171
BingSanpao posted...
Well, if you are happy with buying a season pass from an untrustworthy source (see Colonial marines) before having even heard about what the DLC will be about, more power to you.

Season passes were purchased before colonial marines came out. And after playing the first borderlands and all the dlc, a season pass for the sequel is a no brained to me. They are a trustworthy source at least in my opinion when it comes to it. All developers make bad games every now and then. But that is merely my own opinion.

be thankful they aren't nickle and diming you for every little thing like other developers.

User Info: BingSanpao

4 years ago#172
I'm just saying I don't trust any publisher with online passes. I bought the first and second DLC and not the third because I found the first two to be very underwhelming, it's not something you can do when you buy blindly. I was counting on grabbing the last piece of DLC with the level cap increase but now I will get neither.

I'm not expecting anything to be free, I am totally willing to pay for something that's worth it. A level cap isn't, worse this means there will be less people online to play with than there should be. Level cap should be free to convince people to get back to an old game.

User Info: shnangyboos

4 years ago#173
Panopictonguy posted...
capnovan posted...
Troika19 posted...
I usually hate when the word "entitled" is thrown about (it's just a lazy attack used by fanboys and publisher drones 9/10 times)

good god this

If you feel like anyone owes you anything that you didn't work for you are acting as if you're entitled to something.

If a game developer makes a game the way they want and put a price tag on it they don't owe you anything for the money you spent. You bought the right to play their game, nothing more, nothing less.

If the rules ( programming) dictate that there is a chance you eill never see certain item ever even if it's a part of the game that's that. That item is not owed to you because you gave them money to pay their game.

If the game is not fun the way it is abs you choose to use exploits to alter the gameplay experience and said exploits are patched that's that. You are not owed free control over their product. You paid for the right to play their game with their rules, nothing more nothing less.

Seems like the devs feel entitled to me playing the game how they want. If I don't, then that's that, right?
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User Info: kybotica

4 years ago#174
kylekillgannon posted...
It's a bit silly to charge for a level cap increase, as it's so easy to do that you can literally patch it in: As they have done before and Bethesda is currently doing.

So it's probably $5 for Atlas weapons or something.

The cost is for the new weapons, not the increase in level cap in my opinion. I admittedly don't know enough to be sure, but that's my take on it. My issue is that I see a company such as EA making simple reskins a DLC that you have to pay for, when companies like Bethesda release brand new, gameplay altering content for free, such as the recent legendary content and the previous mounted combat etc update. Those took manpower to program and provide, but were given for free because they felt it could have been included in the main game. When the content adds MASSIVE changes such as entire areas, stories, missions, etc, then they put the extra price on it.

EA is in the habit of nickeling and dime-ing people for tiny updates and content. I feel that the most acceptable model is the one used by Bethesda. The minor stuff that could and arguably should have been in the main game (level caps, etc.) is free, but anything truly new is extra.
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  3. They're literally charging money for a level increase and rare weapons

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