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4 years ago#1
Yesterday I joined a random Lv 50 group just to kick back and play and about 2 minutes into the game this kid (by the sound of his voice he was like 10-13) told me he needed help beating round 5 on slaughter dome on his game so i'm like "hey why not?", he invites me, i join...

Then he starts telling about all these orange rank guns he have that he will give me if i help him and drops a few on the floor for me to see and i said "don't worry about, i don't mind helping out, you can keep your guns".

I believed his Kinect was plugged in because I could here a woman in the background (his mom perhaps) telling him to tell me to drop my best guns so he "look" at the stats and see if i'm strong enough to help him beat round 5.

Things were starting sound a little strange so i told him "sure i'll drop my stuff" and went to the HQ to store my goods weapons and left his game.

Just another day in Pandora.

User Info: resealable

4 years ago#2
...I don't get it. What are you thinking you avoided?
Tediore: Because loading is faster than reloading.

User Info: MystearicaGrant

4 years ago#3
If it's not obvious, the woman wanted Black_Huntex to drop all his stuff so the other player could 'see' it. And by 'see' it I mean swipe it all and leave.
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User Info: SolidStryder

4 years ago#4
You didn't have sex with his mom, why? Smh.

User Info: capnovan

4 years ago#5
they wuz gonna take your kidneys!!!
You can take my Karma, but you'll never take......MY FREEDOM!


4 years ago#6
i guess she wanted me to drop my guns then kick me so my game would save and i would have lost those weapons.

User Info: Fictioner

4 years ago#7
Got an invite from a fellah in I met on ghost recon, said he needed some help beating terra. Mind you they are level thirty so first playthrough. My zero was the only fifty so I obliged, got my butt kicked a couple times of course. Never really soloed Terra, so we were getting desperate. Finally one of his buddies confides in me that I should use his modded gun it's a level fifty. I decline cuz I don't like the idea of modding. Again more butt kicking. So he pushes the issue and I accept out of desperation and frustration; he hands me the "modded gun": a level fifty Hammerbuster, orange legendary. Christmas noobs.
GT: Mr Scrub

User Info: Wallcrawler8878

4 years ago#8
I love getting into a raid group, only to find out nobody besides me knows what they hell they are doing.

Got LOLWTF caliber lagged when the other three special olympians tried to Evil Smash Master Gee into oblivion, only to find out he cant be killed like that.

Watched a couple dudes off themselves by firing bee shield boosted rounds into Hyperius' shielded minions, and having it bounced right back at them.

Pyro Pete fight, some moron inexplicably keeps turning the valves for the water, letting ridiculously leveled Spiderants and Rats into the arena.

Some of these players out there need to just put their controllers down on the ground, and slowly back away.
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