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User Info: BaneX01

4 years ago#1
I was wanting to get the communities opinion on my current builds as well as where I plan to go with them when the level cap is increased. Any feedback you've got would be appreciated and I'll try to explain some of my decisions that I feel aren't totally clear ahead of time. One thing to note is that all these are built primarily with the Legendary class mods in mind. Finally, I would appreciate it if we could keep things civil.

Gunzerker Lvl 50:
Gunzerker Lvl 61:
Pretty simple build really. Mainly just focusing on constantly Gunzerking with great DPS. I would have taken Keep it Piping Hot instead of Lay Waste but apparently it's glitched so that it doesn't work if you have any Cooldown reduction.

Commando Lvl 50:
Commando Lvl 61:
The first one is more about being all around good for Survival and DPS but decided with the extra skill points, that I would go full blown DPS. I'm not really a fan of the Turret but having Battlefront active and it having the ability to Slag really make it a worthwhile investment.

Assassin Lvl 50:
Assassin Lvl 61:
With this I'm going for a fairly standard melee Zero build. I didn't take Rising Shot because the Stacks just decay way to quickly for my taste, I didn't take Two Fang because honestly I've never done anything but waste ammo when it procs. I'd like to get Grim but unfortunately it interferes with Roid shields and finally there's no need for Resurgence when you could just carry a Rubi.

Siren Lvl 50:
Siren Lvl 61:
I'm sure I'll get plenty of critique on this one considering I chose Motion over Cataclysm but, in my opinion, the only good skills in that tree are Reaper and Ruin with everything else being mediocre or just plain garbage. I know the complaints about Motion but regardless I feel it is the best choice because of how much it can disrupt combat and take attention off of you. Anyways, I didn't take Fleet because my shield doesn't stay down long enough to get any real use and I didn't take Restoration because it causes some really weird interactions with the Norfleet and Topnea making blasts that heal enemies if your teammates are also in the blast radius.

Mechromancer Lvl 50:
Mechromancer Lvl 61:
With this one I honestly didn't have any need for 11 extra points so basically just wasted them on LBT. I've tried out that tree but to my mind it's full of cool ideas that fail to hold up late game other than Make it Sparkle which I'd definitely choose over Sharing is Caring if it wasn't for the rest of the tree.
GT: Bane X01

User Info: SpoonForkKnife

4 years ago#2
Yeah is nice bru
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