Evil Smasher exploit gets nerfed tomorrow.

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  3. Evil Smasher exploit gets nerfed tomorrow.

User Info: KellyRipya

4 years ago#41
I'm glad, it was too addictive and always made me feel weak when I wasn't using the glitch. I have no willpower, it was fun while it lasted but I'd rather enjoy BL2 the way it's meant to be played : with an infinite bank vault brimming with duped Legendary equipment ^_^
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User Info: notrandom

4 years ago#42
I feel bad for the people who just want to have fun with the ES glitch but oh well.
It's not gonna stop duping or modding, all they did was take away the easy methods.
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User Info: kinggoldfinger

4 years ago#43
I am glad. Playing with randoms was no fun as they would use the glitch to take down normal enemies. I used it to take down raid bosses on my own game by myself, but, even then, it started to get boring. Then I played with two other guys online that weren't Evil Smashing, and we took down all the raid bosses :) It was so much more fulfilling than Evil Smashing, even if the loot sucked.
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User Info: ssj954vegito

4 years ago#44
Terraeasyious mode

-Dashboard/2nd controller farm or go about normally getting a lvl50 fire and slag pimpernal
-Aquire a bee shield
-Give all to your zerker
-Make sure your off hand the slag so that it also give off the flame burst
-Make sure you also have down not out, keep firing, divergent likeness, and a bezerker class mod will help.

Now go to Terra use the various methods for dodging his attacks, most famous is the rock, but an extra helpful tip is that when he comes in really close from behind the little ledge, he can't melee you if you back up to the gate.

Basically all you have to do aim at about his midsection to just under his head to get the maximum damage, and he'll go down pretty easily, if you get downed, one shot from the pimpernal is usually enough to kill a tentacle if it hits the crit spot..

If I could record I'd totally put up a video but I can't so unless someone here wants to help me out, that's not happening
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User Info: chuckleswood

4 years ago#45
This is great news!!! Thank you Gearbox.
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User Info: Panopictonguy

4 years ago#46
xbox360gta4 posted...
Not good for me who plays by myself and is the only way to be these bosses. Now what am I supposed to do cause I don't play with randoms and my friends don't play this on xbox...

*post response about all content not being meant for all players.*
Oh, you thought they made this game for you? You clearly bought the wrong game.

User Info: Tec187

4 years ago#47
DRCEQ posted...
Update v1.4.0 (Released 4/2/2013)

** In this mode, you will always start in Southern Shelf at Cleaning Up the Berg and may reset your playthrough progress as often as you like without losing any items, levels, or stats.

I cannot believe this slipped by me.
That is so damn awesome!
We have been asking for this for soooo long. Infinite playthroughs!
I'm going to have to level 5 new characters to 50 now :) (after my current 5 + Krieg reach 61 of course)
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