Enemy awareness range?

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User Info: Pvt-Spoon

4 years ago#11
fakesnoop77 posted...
Argyle_Gargoyle posted...
so how is the enemies damage looking? does it seem pretty balanced or are you going down left and right getting 1 shotted?

im just trying to get a feel for the balance. unfortunately, ive got about 7.5 hours left at work until i can go home and try for myself

Put it this way, I was doing the mission to get Bullymong fur in Southern Shelf and when they jumped at me I was down straight away.

Thank god for my Doc's Quad and Two'Fer Maggie

So shotguns are "fixed" ?. Not that I had a problem with them before, but people told me they were broken.
A pessimist is just an optimist with more experience.

User Info: Traziel

4 years ago#12
I'm at steam&power and all the enemies are 50-53 so far.
53 being ultimate badasses.

Sidenote: Just dropped a 52 emperor and fremington's edge.
Gamertag: LaGrimm
Now Playing: Borderlands 2, ASC: Brotherhood, Halo 4
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