anyone else's badass ranks get reset in UVHM?

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  3. anyone else's badass ranks get reset in UVHM?

User Info: lovjos03

4 years ago#1
started with my maya did the first 4-5 quests then noticed i did a few badass challenges so i look and it's been reset? i've got 140 tokens to spend now and my badass rank itself is much lower than before (was 10000+ now only 6500+) any fix or is it to do with uvhm?

User Info: incinerator950

4 years ago#2
Its a bug that's been randomly happening.
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User Info: lovjos03

4 years ago#3
oh that sucks :( at least it didn't take them all away, i'm guessing they won't be reimbursed either?

User Info: KingTykeem187

4 years ago#4
This is a good game, but to many problems with it. I try to sell it but my wife wont let me. All these problems only hit me but not her. My Badassrank hit me last week. Lost skins and heads etc.
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User Info: lovjos03

4 years ago#5
tough break i didn't lose any heads/skins but then again i don't have any great/rare ones that i couldn't get back in less than a couple hours, and don't sell man this game rules!

User Info: Caserith

4 years ago#6
submit a ticket on there support page.

they'll likely give you what they gave me and a number of other who lost badass rank like that.
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User Info: NightmareNignt

4 years ago#7
Happened to me had about 50k and now 15k with 209 tokens. Lost 60ish and 260ish skins.

User Info: ZarnonElchris

4 years ago#8
This happens every time an update is released. When the XBox signs you out to install the update, make sure it signs you back in before you move past the title screen.
If you enter the game before it has signed you in, then it will load a blank profile save (since it can't load your profile without being signed in) and then once you've signed in it will overwrite your existing save with the blank one.

User Info: WickedRogue

4 years ago#9
It's a glitch that will never be fixed for 360 until they actually address it. They just keep dodging the fix. I got hit with it again with the update. It shouldn't be happening per update and it is.
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  3. anyone else's badass ranks get reset in UVHM?

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