Loot midget

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User Info: xXBossfight69Xx

4 years ago#1
Just found one and it didn't drop anything... Screw this game and not giving me anything on this play thru.

User Info: MrImpatient35

4 years ago#2
Where did you find one? I'm guessing the Wildlife Preserve. I'm not even close yet, but I can't wait! I'm gonna farm those guys all day!
I have Dysarthria. It's a Speech problem. Your question is answered now.

User Info: xXBossfight69Xx

4 years ago#3
No frostburn canyon. The only purple I've found was lvl 49 and nothing but a few blues and rest white and greens. So dumb

User Info: kraven867

4 years ago#4
Found a normal loot one in the Arid Nexus Badlands, was a robot one. Gave me a pretty decent murdering slagga. Was on my siren in playthrough 1 though *edit* it was just an orange one, and level 28.
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