How to play Gaige properly

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User Info: chicostick

4 years ago#1
I'm looking for some advice on how to play as gaige. I'm currently doing UVHM and having trouble staying alive and maximizing her skills/potential.

What are the usual builds for her? Also how do I effectively use Anarchy? Also I notice on some guns that I don't get a stack when I empty a magazine.

Also what guns are good with her?

User Info: Panopictonguy

4 years ago#2
Anarchy takes prep time and should be used with close enough and the reload skill that causes a shock nova. once you get over 200 stacks just stay aiming at the ground. Avoid rockets and etech splt guns. They'll do absurd damage but at high anarchy they could literally fire straight at the ground abs kill you instantly.

a great versatile build is BFF + LBT. get all elemental buffs and iinterspersed outburst. Avoid 1 2 boom as DT gives no cue when and where he'll launch it making it go unseen most of the time. This can waste time that DT could be attacking.

Go down BFF and get all the healing and survivability buffs. Also get make it clap. DT will spam this for massive damage on enemies when summoned.

With this build using a shock weapon you can slag , shock and burn enemies simultaneously. If you use a shock rubi & shock tesla grenades you'll be near unkillable. Make sure to summon DT for every encounter.
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User Info: KellyRipya

4 years ago#3
Awesome advice. I'd just add that you'll want to go for Upshot Robot in the BFF tree as well. It adds time to Death traps clock every time you make a kill, you can have him assist you for the entire duration of any battle which is brilliant.
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User Info: LordRaviel

4 years ago#4
Another nice combo with Gaige which just got me to Sanctuary with no respawns in UVHM using a Purple Torgue AR as my weapon is an Ordered Chaos, BFF split with a Hoplite shield. Blood Soaked Shields and Unstoppable Force do a great job of keeping the shield up if you keep in the enemies face and mow them down fast. Don't take any HP Regen skills either as Blood Soaked Shield lowering your already poor HP with a Hoplite doesn't make much difference if your shield goes down but the lower health % makes Fancy Mathematics stronger for passive shield recharging.

Throw in some Anarchy, Discord to keep stacks safe and a few skills to enhance deathtrap and you are good to go.
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User Info: Xolace

4 years ago#5
I personally use all explosive weapons with my Gaige. It's been working out very well so far in UVHM.

Casual Ravager
Double Penetrating Unkempt Harold
Plump Root
Miss Moxxi's Creamer

30% explosive damage relic
Legendary Mechromancer Mod
Slag Singularity
Evolution Shield

My build will look something like this at level 61.

I tend to start off with the Ravager to build stacks and follow up with the Root on mobs that are further away. Once I have over 50 stacks I just use whatever I see fit since I can kill mobs so quickly anyway.

Summon DT > Toss Singularity > Any gun explosive gun > Win

User Info: CapTionisT

4 years ago#6
Make sure you have a decent slag weapon, I use the shield of the Firehawk with sharing is caring. Slag the enemy while DT takes the front line. After slag is applied I used Shock weaponry because inflicted multiple elements is awesome.

For survival carry a decent rocket launcher to get up. If you do not have have anything in -Smaller, Lighter, Faster- Infinity Pistol will make sure -Cooking up Trouble- is always active. I believe -Close Enough- and -The Better Half- are good for any build.

My Current build
(up) Binary Thunderball Fists
(down) Vengeful Infinity (shock/fire)
(left) Jam Packed Gunerrang (slag)
(right) Tediore Plasma Caster (shock) OR Norfleet (fire/corrosive)

Flame of the Firehawk
Legendary Mechromancer
Lobbed Fire Bee OR Homing Storm Front
Legendary Mechromancer

Love this build, but I cannot wait for -Interspeed Outerburst- Monsterous slag damage!
PSN/GT: CapTionisT
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