best set up for axton for ultimate vault hunter mode

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User Info: rustywba

4 years ago#1
what skills in the skill tree is needed?

User Info: davinthegreat98

4 years ago#2
survival and guerilla. slagg makes it much, much, much, much easier.
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User Info: rustywba

4 years ago#3
can you tell me what things to put the points in?

User Info: rustywba

4 years ago#4

User Info: ElimRawne

4 years ago#5
I assume it would look like this

Personally I will use this build.

Never was a turret user to that degree, so the nuke Longbow variant is enough for me.

With the legendary soldier mod it is a good build.

For Slag I have my nasty surprise grenades or a slagga.

User Info: Hax4Snax

4 years ago#6
Well my axton has decent gear so i dont know where you are in that aspect but i can tell you what I have been doing and how its been working for me.

If you have a slag plasma caster you can go down the survival tree and get gemini (2 turrets) I went 5 points in healthy, prep, quick charge, picked up phalanx and mag lock, maxed resourceful, and grit and gemini.

Then i went over to guerilla and got ready, willing (i have a bee, you may not), scorched earth and onslaught. And while I level I put more points into sentry but you could easily just pick up sentry over ready.

If you dont have a good slag weapon go down guerrilla (skip grenadier and crisis imo) and get double up then you should be ok. Slag is so very important in UVHM its crazy i usually use my slag plasma caster and slag CC and let my 2 turrets kill everything. Also if you use my top build get a cooldown relic they are super helpful as well.

User Info: AlleRacing

4 years ago#7

This is what I've personally gone with (obviously with the Legendary COM). I have an explosive weapons setup, and my level 50 DPUH is actually doing pretty good so far against 55-56 enemies. The slag turret is really handy especially if you don't have a good slag weapon like the Slagga (fortunately, I do). I have a 30% explosive relic as well and I use a Quasar grenade to cluster everything together for slagging and getting the most out of my DPUH.

User Info: Iji_The_Killer

4 years ago#8
I have the same Build as the previous poster but I like Duty Calls over Steady and I use all non-elemental guns.
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