Best weapons for UVHM

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User Info: DIECASTC00K

4 years ago#1
So far all I know of is slagga, what else?
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User Info: Jambi_Man

4 years ago#2
Conference Call
Harold.... Not using it, but I'm sure it's good ;)
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User Info: MystearicaGrant

4 years ago#3
HellFire for sure, but also something corrosive. Depending on what you got to get you there, the Teapot from the Tiny Tina quest chain works wonders against Armor :)
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User Info: Trail_x_MetRoiD

4 years ago#4
If you like the Teapot, Try the Hornet. Dropped from Knuckle Dragger.
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User Info: Max58201

4 years ago#5
just killed flint and the equipment I've been using is


slag conference call

fire and regular pitchfork
corrosive plasma caster

a fire minigun

baby maker

have slag homing transfusion grenades

the plasma wrecked boom bewm and the baby maker destroyed flint

the minigun is my bandit weapon of choice

i either use the cooldown relic or my max smg ammo if i know the babymaker will be used outside of ffyl or my tediore relic for bosses

only died once so far
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User Info: Lahar

4 years ago#6
Chulainn's doing really well for me. Just need to watch that you're slagged for 3x dmg as well.
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User Info: Roketoman

4 years ago#7
Thunderball Fists and a Shock Norfleet are still working great on my Mecromancer.

And of course a Sandhawk with The Bee is still a solid option.
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User Info: JustinTheJagged

4 years ago#8
I've been using a slagga with a fire and corrosive practicable slow hand, and a rocket launcher to stand up.
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User Info: Wallcrawler8878

4 years ago#9
Got to 55 fairly smoothly with the Practicable Slow Hand shotties and a 94% sham.

Slag em up, and then if its humanoid or creature, burn it. Loaders, corrode them.

On the approach to the Bunker, this setup hit the wall in damage output, so after that gotta make a switch.

User Info: danishjuggler21

4 years ago#10
I've been getting good results with a slag conference call and an Unkempt Harold, dual wielded. None of the corrosives I've used have worked well on loaders, but I haven't tried my level 50 Hornet yet.

Something that does massive critical damage will help on constructors. They're immune to slag, if I'm not mistaken.
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