Did they patch the quest in the preserve?

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  3. Did they patch the quest in the preserve?

User Info: MrImpatient35

4 years ago#11
Azrael0206 posted...
That is exactly what everyone is doing to find pearls :)
Ive found quite a few myself, and I know many other users have found plenty more!

Good thinking, go find some loot :P

Btw, a couple tips if you plan on farming the boxes:

Do not progress story to find bloodwings bloody feathers as it will unlock the doors containing the animals, making your job a little bit harder. Less mobs, quicker runs.
If you have the "Creature Slaughter Dome" Dlc, and can access the "Natural Selection Annex", you should start there, a lot quicker :P
Also, don't pick up the quest items for "Doctor's Orders" as their placement has a direct correlation to the LLMs spawning in the boxes.

Good luck :)

Are you serious? I picked up 2 of the 4 quest items. So I wont get all four legendary loot midgets now?
I have Dysarthria. It's a Speech problem. Your question is answered now.
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  3. Did they patch the quest in the preserve?

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