UVHM can go straight to Hell.

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User Info: Traziel

4 years ago#41
Technique is there. 100% necessary? No.

But if you want to die less? Using cover, strafing, predicting enemy tactics, jump shooting, crouch-cover/offensive, reload cancel, etc. The list goes on. It's like any shooter. There's always technique and style to make life easier, but it isnt necessary to succeed.

My cheap Gamestop controller sounds like im playing a fighting game because I'm multitasking reloading, strafing, aiming, and sprinting just to avoid a damn rabid stalker.

UVHM has it's cheap moments, I agree, but the best advice is to get better. Know your character. Know the game mechanics/AI. And even UVHM will kneel before you. And I'm stating this as fact. Git gud or cry moar.
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User Info: TheSPP

4 years ago#42
LordRaviel posted...
My problem with UVHM isn't that it is too hard, with the "right" setups it isn't really that hard at all. My problem is that their aproach to balancing by ramping up enemy HP and damage by a lot (especially the 400% HP buff) render large portions of the games gear worthless and force you into ever more limited builds and weapon sets because using anything else will just get you killed or stuck behind a wall for 5 minutes everytime a small group of enemies spawns.

So really it is less a difficulty issue and more the fact the difficulty ramp is increasingly exposing poor skill and gear balancing.

This. Adding quadruple health and fast health regeneration is a terrible and lazy way to artificially increase the difficulty. Instead of just having bad guys scale up normally and include more spawns of the stronger enemy types instead, Gearbox just made it so that some random bandit with a pistol can suddenly take 10 rockets to the face and then be perfectly fine after a minute or so.

The new emphasis on slag just constricts what was supposed to be diversity in this game: before, slag was an option. You could use it as part of your strategy to increase damage, but it was not a necessity. Now, due to 4x health and buffed slag, using slag is basically mandatory. Trying to kill anything without using slag becomes an effort in frustration and forces solo players to either invest in skills that cause slag effects, or carry a a slag element weapon everywhere and switch back and forth between it every few seconds.

I wish Gearbox would address this in an upcoming update, making it so that the health buff is only 2x-3x and health regen is slower/only activates after a few seconds instead of immediately, but knowing them, they'll just buff things to be even more of bullet sponges in the future.
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User Info: cbc72

4 years ago#43
nilla151 posted...
im having Zero issues. im playing as my siren and still obliterating stuff. im actually hoping it gets harder

So, what are your issues with Zero?
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User Info: nilla151

4 years ago#44
cbc72 posted...
nilla151 posted...
im having Zero issues. im playing as my siren and still obliterating stuff. im actually hoping it gets harder

So, what are your issues with Zero?

... I'm playing as my siren. And have no troubles. I don't play as zero.
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User Info: LordofHunters

4 years ago#45
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User Info: Tsuruke

4 years ago#46
Panopictonguy posted...
Marsillio posted...
Crazycatdude posted...
Filthy casual.

Devil May Cry
Metal Slug
Demon's Souls
Dark Souls

Some of the games/franchises I'm a fan of.

Hey, are you a fan of word jumbles? See if you can unscramble this:


all of those games can be overcome by shortcutting, power leveling, and memorizing patterns. If you want skill can take a back seat in those.

What you're now experiencing is the inability to get over a skill hurdle. You're so use to just being able to power level or memorize what enemies well do you seem to lack the ability to skilfully over come the chaos that Borlands presents without frustration.

That just reminds me of some of the Dynasty Warriors games (Primarily Dynasty Warriors 3 Xtreme Legends and how they introduced the Chaos Difficulty when Lu Bu was already a GOD to start off with -- even at times with the Final Weapons)

Ahhh good challenging times! UVHM just brings that certain sense of nostalgia to the table for me lol

EDIT: Speaking of! http://youtu.be/X0VmNPbB9jg?t=4m35s 4:35-7:40 lol
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