Dat Legendary Loot Midget farm...

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User Info: Vuco

4 years ago#1

So I got to the Wildlife Preservation last night and had 410 MS points left just laying around and got the Natural Selection Annex just so I could farm them.

I got an average of 2 E-Tech relics per run, plus a Large Bunny (lvl. 52), Legendary Soldier Mod (lvl. 55), Logan's Gun (lvl. 51), a Storm Front (lvl. 54 I think) and a Jimmy Jenkins in around 11 or so runs.

No Pearls though :(, but I'll get to it tonight.

The relics are up for grabs for anyone who wants them, they're all in the 52-55 lvl range. Can't remember what the stats are on them but I'll gladly post them tonight when I get home from work if anyone is interested. Plus I'll post if I get another Jimmy Jenkins so anyone can get the challenge.
GT: Cx Vuco

User Info: Jambi_Man

4 years ago#2
Yeah, it's awesome. I've only done 2 runs, planning on doing a few every 2-3 levels then a bunch at 61.
In 2 runs, I got about 6 e-tech relics, a Dubble Gub, & a corrosive Butcher pearl. Not too bad!
Vladof rules

User Info: MrImpatient35

4 years ago#3
I got a pearl on my first two runs. I think I have 3 pearls in all now. To be honest, I'm not very impressed with them. Maybe they get better at higher levels. I'm 55.
I have Dysarthria. It's a Speech problem. Your question is answered now.

User Info: DieRomantiic

4 years ago#4
Ive gotten 2 pearls, the sawbar which is unimpressive and a tunguska which i cant use yet. Few bars away from it.

Im more proud of the grounded love thumper i managed to get, the damage difference from 50 is sexy.
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