is the Deathtrap supposed to be bad later one?

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  3. is the Deathtrap supposed to be bad later one?

User Info: Degalon

4 years ago#1
Early, it rocked. Now i'm level 25, and it keeps getting absolutely WRECKED. Just slaughtered, destroyed, and barely does enough damage. (at least to the level 25 enemies in the Torgue dlc) I'm doing Best Friends forever first, everything that ups the deathtrap's abilities, and it doesn't seem to be doing any good. (After BFF< i'm gonna go for the other DT abilities and bonuses in the middle tree, then if anything left, go for the DT abilities in Anarky.)
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User Info: Procrastinater

4 years ago#2
Are you sending him out in hopes to clear the area while you sit back and wait?


Get some better guns and kill stuff alongside him. If you have Upshot Robot and Explosive Clap he should be wrecking things, but you still have to fight.
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User Info: markconigliaro

4 years ago#3
My deathtrap had the ability where my shield is copied, and he always stayed out for a long time, usually to the end of his timer. And even if he isn't killing lots of stuff, he makes an excellent distraction. Most enemies will completely ignore you and focus just on him. And like Procrastinater said, you should be fighting along with him, not being cleanup.
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  3. is the Deathtrap supposed to be bad later one?

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