Loot Midget and Loot Loaders Question.

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User Info: IAmDJNinjaStar

4 years ago#1
So I've done the doctor's orders run about 100 times now. I've gotten probably 25 oranges, 10 pearls, and countless etech relics. But of the 25 oranges, not a shield among them. Meanwhile, I've pulled 3 Verucs, 2 Hornets, and 2 Volcanos. Makes me wonder if they (legendary loot midgets/loaders/whatever) have a set legendary loot pool, similar to what hyperius appears to have. Any thoughts? Thanks dudes. I just thought it'd be fun to find a 61 sham or Blackhole without having to go farm that specific loot source (bunker and rusty/jasper in this case).
Hi, IAmDJNinjaStar.

User Info: MRDINO98

4 years ago#2
Ive gotten a maggie and 3 hellfires, a butcher and a sawbar? Plenty of relics also. Im guessing the hellfire is the most common but i don't know if they have a set loot pool. Gonna hunt for more things once I'm at 61. I'm at 59 now.
GT : Mr Dino1022

User Info: Kpt_Kapowski

4 years ago#3
I haven't see any of the oranges you guys have mentioned.

Iirc I've gotten a Hammer Buster, Nasty Surprise, Gunerang, Kerblaster, Zerker and Commando coms, Fire Bee, Bouncing Bonny, Bunny, and i think there's a few others that i forgot. Bottom line is, its random.
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