Hornet drop rate?

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User Info: RajsBabysMama

4 years ago#11
Might be easier to tip Moxxie for a gun, she gives out good corrosive and fire smg's tailored to your level. They aren't Legendaries but they are still good.

User Info: Argyle_Gargoyle

4 years ago#12
the hornet drop rate isnt too bad compared to a lot of other legendaries, and it is immensely useful.

i have farmed 2 new ones since starting UVHM at 52 and 55. ill probably try and grab another at 59 or 59 too.

the 52 actually took quite a while to drop (about 40 runs), but the 55 dropped within 10 total tries. plus individual runs are very quick.

its well worth the effort to get a few at different levels IMO. having a leveled version means that you basically no longer need to worry about armored enemies. having an effective weapon to use on 1/2 the enemies in the game is really helpful. being able to laugh at ironclad lunatics and all the different varieties of loaders is really nice.

theyre very useful on my current character, but will be even better for my other characters in getting through UVHM. the effort it takes farming them now means they will be there waiting for me as i level up other characters
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User Info: devilish1974

4 years ago#13
i got a level 58 hornet i got it on my 2nd farm was buzzing one of my fav guns in the game

User Info: DieRomantiic

4 years ago#14
Farmed this yesterday luckily got the twin version
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