what r the best stats for a level 61 bee

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User Info: Traziel

4 years ago#11
therenegadenail posted...
honestly the sham shield has made it a cakewalk for me, just slag and shoot

Depending on the dps of my enemies I go Sham shield as well. At level 50 it can be used at 61 to walk through WEP's loader areas. A purple Instant Shield can almost hold up to a rabid stalker.

Gamertag: LaGrimm
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User Info: HellBender

4 years ago#12
I could definitely use one of those my Zer0 is getting smashed on UVHM.

User Info: IzIBACONIzI

4 years ago#13
im having trouble getting one with an immunity but ill go back and get one.

User Info: Kojigawatz

4 years ago#14
Is there a bee that grants immunity to shock damage? That'd be one I would want to try farming for. Or could trade with someone if they would be willing. Just reached 61 yesterday, and only have a few 59/60/61 oranges.... though have a ton of heads, skins and 50 oranges and lower.

User Info: Phantaxus

4 years ago#15
I could do with some better shields for my Gunzerker (lv 52 at the moment)

gt: Phantaxus

User Info: neo_strike3

4 years ago#16
My bee shield is 179k amp dmg and like 70-80k capacity
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  3. what r the best stats for a level 61 bee

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