Legendaries/Seraph/Pearlescents 4 Trade/Dupe

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User Info: ConcernedGenius

4 years ago#11
I've got 5 level 61 pearl butcher shotguns, one with no element, slag, shock, corrosive and fire. The tungska effect pearl rocket launcher, shock infinity pistol, a bee shield that is immune to corrode, transformer absorb shield immune to shock, and a seraph evolution shield

I would like the legendary soldier mod, sledges shotgun,the hammer buster and all the versions of the conference call you have if it's not too much trouble.

User Info: hybrid_5tigmata

4 years ago#12
hybrid_5tigmata posted...
Im gonna send you a friend request cuz it still wont let me recieve messages or anything still but as soon as it does ill let you know

Turns out i cant even do that. So sometime later ill shoot you a message once this s##t has settled
Current GT: Wet 8 Year Old
Thank you Based God

User Info: Ichababajubi

4 years ago#13
yeah okay everyone just send me a friend request and we'll do all the trading/duping once xbox live is back on

GT: Ichabod Bule

User Info: moorzi05

4 years ago#14
you have pretty much everything i do, but i do have a norfleet...


would love to trade for your class mod?
xbox gt- Moorzi05
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