having fire sale legendaries and pearls

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User Info: JohnnyG81

4 years ago#11
Thanks again!

User Info: KellyRipya

4 years ago#12
Take him up on It, he has a lot of toys :o

Thanks again razor!
All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain
GT: Althea N Hell

User Info: Norbit1223

4 years ago#13
Did you say...fire sale? GT: Norbit1223
When all else fails, eat bacon.

User Info: GAMEDIS

4 years ago#14
Thank you Razor

User Info: razorback969k

4 years ago#15
who I don't get now just leave messages gonna run one on both my accounts later after I take son home
In the light all I see is darkness
GT Razorback969k xbl

User Info: POETS133

4 years ago#16
thank you razor any idea when the next one is. Trying to get some relics
Resident Evil & Poets of the fall DIGIMON DIGITAL MONSTERS Thomas Hewitt aka Leatherface

User Info: TheJammyGit

4 years ago#17
Gt: The Jammy Git
Gt: The Jammy Git
lvl 50 Gunzerker, lvl 19 Assassin, lvl 10 Commando.

User Info: Feds950

4 years ago#18
If your having a fire sale you need to announce it like the announcer in COD zombies like "FFFFFIRE SALE!"
If that is where you got the fire sale from that is...
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  3. having fire sale legendaries and pearls

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