Help with Badassasaurus Rex

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User Info: Polypropylen

4 years ago#1
I need help, i'm level55, Gamertag "TomPoly"! Feel free to add my and join my open game :)

User Info: Jkickit

4 years ago#2
Pfff, that guy is baby mode. Stay near the entrance and hide behind the gate when he fires rockets. Aim for the barrels on him.
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User Info: Polypropylen

4 years ago#3
I stay behind the gate but he still randomly insta kills me!

User Info: LordRaviel

4 years ago#4
My friend and I fought the Badassasaurus at 61 yesterday and it was the worst experience we have ever had in the game. You cannot fight that thing properly in UVHM or you will kill yourself with reflected gunfire. After we took out all the crit points I noticed that every time I shot my Lyuda at it there was about a 70% chance it would nealy kill my shield and if it corroded me as well I was dead.

In the end we had to spend torgue tokens on Torpedo ARs from the vending machine because it couldn't reflect those back at us. WIth all its special attacks gone is was barely a threat at all if we didn't shoot it with normal guns but my god it was boring trying to bring the rest of its HP down.
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User Info: fitz1949

4 years ago#5
Use a homing meteor shower or bonus package he isn't resistant to explosive damage and you can keep refilling from the ammo machine 8 grenades at lvl 50 took him down to almost half for me, explosive relic makes it faster

User Info: fitz1949

4 years ago#6
I would imagine its not as easy in utvhm (with the health increase) but still should be pretty effective you can get them from the venders in the sane dlc

User Info: ApexMjolnir

4 years ago#7
He is not Insta Killing you... You are instakilling yourself... the bullets reflect back at you. Use the Hail Gun, and Betties.
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User Info: Wallcrawler8878

4 years ago#8
Any type of Corrosive/Shock Splatgun will destroy this boss. Corrosive seems to do a pretty good job, but splatguns cannot ricochet back at you, and its impossible to miss with these.

If youve hit the treasure room at all in the Pirate DLC, youve likely seen a bunch of these guns. Not much real use for them, until now.

Once you defeat him/Piston, if you get a Practicable variant of the Slow Hand, this is basicly the ultimate splatgun. 3 projectiles with massive splash for the cost of 2 ammo and heals you.

Aside from that, I used sticky longbow Meteor Shower grenades to get some really easy crits on him.

As said, if you run low on ammo, just jump the barricade and grab some more ammo at the machines.

User Info: CoolBeansAvl

4 years ago#9
I was having a lot of trouble with this as well at first.

Get an Unkempt Harold, preferably Double Penetrating. Fortunately it can be bought from the Torgue machines.
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