Your reaction: Lv cap raised by 8

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User Info: davinthegreat98

4 years ago#1
On the sole basis that Casuals think UVHM is too difficult and that more skill points would help them.
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User Info: dueric

4 years ago#2
So nothing about the number being 69?

Is that still a thing these days?
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User Info: GujinKami

4 years ago#3
More grinding zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

User Info: fredbeatswilma

4 years ago#4
dueric posted...
So nothing about the number being 69?

Is that still a thing these days?

It was 69 in the last game. Nothing new.
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User Info: illbzo1

4 years ago#5
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User Info: KellyRipya

4 years ago#6
My reaction would be quite casual
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User Info: RineN1

4 years ago#7
Treasure room farmiiiiiiing, moonshot farmiiiiiiiing, LLM farmiiiiiiiiing
There are a lot of ways to get stuff now so its not that big deal. Besides, im finding bosses more cooperative when it comes to getting legendaries now o_O
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User Info: CoolBeansAvl

4 years ago#8
I'd be happy >_>

Means I could Death Blossom/Many Must Fall/Bore all in one!

User Info: SinisterBlade

4 years ago#9
I don't care either way. 61 should be enough for any class, seriously. Preserving the nostalgia or tradition of 69 being max level would be cool though.
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User Info: Jambi_Man

4 years ago#10
50 would have been enough for UVHM.
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  3. Your reaction: Lv cap raised by 8

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