Best class for single player?

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User Info: bonemonkey80

4 years ago#1
not going to be playing with anyone what th emost powerful single player build/class please

User Info: Tsuruke

4 years ago#2
Any character, depending on how you play, what type of equipment you are using and the skills to go with that equipment.

User Info: RipTore

4 years ago#3
Axton's turrett. Spec it out right, especially with an engineer class mod and it rips up everything.
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User Info: nilla151

4 years ago#4
Aston hands down is best for solo play.
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User Info: MrSusan101

4 years ago#5
A vote for Salvador- a built in heal and health regen right off the bat can be very helpful
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User Info: Mvsevm_of_Skin

4 years ago#6
I had no problem soloing with Maya, though I did mix it up between Ruin / Thoughtlock depending on the mission / level.
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User Info: KellyRipya

4 years ago#7
Any character you'd like, though I think Zero should be put aside for a second play through. You can't go wrong with any of the 4 other characters.
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