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User Info: Kikiama

4 years ago#1

My Ellie cosplay has been floating around the internet, and I have had some people asking me questions in different threads on the forum. I thought I would make my own thread instead of accidentally hijacking others.

See lots of pictures on my deviantart!

User Info: capnovan

4 years ago#2
awesome job!
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User Info: KellyRipya

4 years ago#3
So good, I will bring this response over from the other thread too so people will know a little more about it :)

Kikiama posted...
Thank you very much! Yes, I was quite encumbered trying to get around, but it was all part of the fun; waddling around, etc. The suit's stomach was the heaviest piece since it was made out of thick foam, shaping with an electric turkey carver. The rest of me was fiber-fill, which I could not use on the stomach as the belt would mush it and ruin the shaping. I made the suit out of a dumpster couch. :D

I will definitely be wearing it again. :)
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User Info: spfurm01

4 years ago#4

Props for cosplaying Ellie, she's definitely one of the least represented BL2 characters in cosplay
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User Info: Kikiama

4 years ago#5
Yeah, I could only find one other cosplay of her on ALL of the internet. Definitely wanted to bring the fun, shout "CATCH A RIDE", and talk about my "kickass rack". I do a decent enough impression, and that was really the icing on the cake. I lost my voice by the end of Megacon from shouting lines all weekend.

User Info: Argyle_Gargoyle

4 years ago#6
cool nice job
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User Info: Traziel

4 years ago#7
Newfound attraction to Ellie...

Brb. Killing self.
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User Info: longnuts

4 years ago#8
Awesome as hell, but you need to add a few more chins somehow
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User Info: SomboSteel

4 years ago#9
haha this is pretty good. at first i was afraid to open the topic for fear of what might be inside lol

User Info: Kikiama

4 years ago#10
I agree with the chins. The con I wore the costume to was on Florida. I ended up ruling against the chin prosthetic I was planning on because i would have sweat it off instantly. However, I have had a ton of feedback on the internet concerning my neck, so I will definitely have to make one in the future. I honestly didn't take the costume very seriously because I thought it would just be a thing with myself, my friends, and a few diehard BL fans. I was pleasantly proven wrong.
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