Full Krieg Skill Tree Leaked

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User Info: SquireRamza

4 years ago#1
http://borderlands.wikia.com/wiki/Krieg for cleanest formatting.

As you have likely heard, the most recent patch added in Krieg class mods, heads, and skins to the loot pool in anticipation of his release. And as you may have heard, PS3 players have been able to hack the game and find Krieg himself on disk and use him without waiting or paying for the release.

Though I oppose this (it is consummate to stealing from Gearbox), the positive side of this development is that it has given us early access to Krieg's skilltree for the purpose of planning for his legitimate release. Just wanted to make more people aware of this development.
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User Info: MonoxideHektik

4 years ago#2
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