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Infinity pistols

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User Info: TreyBLAZE3719

4 years ago#1
Anyone willing to dupe or potentially part ways with any infinity pistols. i dont have any high level weapons. Just a couple level 50s and thats it. Im mainly looking for a corrosive one but for the most part any will help. PM me on xbox if you want to hook a brotha up. GT: TreyBLAZE3719

User Info: Evil Squall

Evil Squall
4 years ago#2
What levels you looking for? 50's or 61's?
Currently Playing: Borderlands 2 : Maya Lvl 50 - Gaige Lvl 61
It's not until you lose everything that you are free to do anything

User Info: TreyBLAZE3719

4 years ago#3
either one would work. 61s would be great

User Info: oldpar

4 years ago#4
Hi All can anyone help me with an Infinity pistol, bee shield or a conference call.
I am at level 57 and have given up trying to farm these but just love this game.
I HAVE A rhythmic kerblaster and a extra large deliverance both level 50 if you would like a trade
please help a desperate man
message me GT : sk tipsy on live if you want
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