So I got Love Thumper at level 50, and it seems to kinda suck.

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  3. So I got Love Thumper at level 50, and it seems to kinda suck.

User Info: Fartjoke

4 years ago#21
Not only is your damage limited with BFF tree, Love Thumper is best used with Zero as he's better for melee. Wield with a melee Rubi (Slag for slagging effects), the explosive damage from the Love Thumper will heal you.
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User Info: LordRaviel

4 years ago#22
Deathtraps inability to melee many enemies +notably a lot of bosses) really puts me off making Deathtrap focused builds because in UVHM in particular he can very easily get bogged down zapping some random enemy with his poorly scaled and unboostable lightning beam instead of slaughtering everything he can hit with roid buffed melee attacks.

He may be a very low skill requirement way to get kills but if you have any real FPS experience at all his limitations make it really hard to justify sacrificing skills that boost you to help him.

As for the Love Thumper. I have a 98k roid level 61 version and experimented with some builds in UVHM earlier. With a build that used the Legendary Mod, I grabbed Make it Sparkle as well as Sharing is Caring and hit DT with Slag allowing him to slag enemies and multiply the Love Thumper explosion damage. I had him one shotting most bandits and loaders at 61 and learned that avoiding all the 1 point additional attack skills including Explosive Clap is a good idea as they only distract him from his much more powerful roid boosted rampage.
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User Info: packman1010

4 years ago#23
Dark_Apostate posted...
From: StormWolf12 | #009
It's for children, and people who are bad at video games.

Exactly this. I hear people talk about wanting to build around Deathtrap and they just don't understand how incredible you can be without him. Remember what Machiavelli said about military might; rely on your own strength only, as that of others is fickle and will fail you when you need it most.

Like randoms in CoD.
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  3. So I got Love Thumper at level 50, and it seems to kinda suck.

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