I must be lucky

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User Info: Shepp_Handler

4 years ago#1
I was planning on farming for a slagga but the clan wars quest bugged on me and it just stopped giving me quests. So when I killed the guy under the Irish gangs bar he dropped a Maggie. On my way to the wildlife preserve I found a murdering slagga in the loot room and on a second run I got a veroc. This is all on pt 1 but they are first orange as I haven't leveled high or beat the main story yet. They're all lvl 19 but I still use them at 25. Happy day.

User Info: curtland

4 years ago#2

I dumbly lucked into an infinity pistol off of Doc Mercy on my pt1.

It's only a level 9, but it's great through level 17 or so... then I just pass it off to the next new character I'm working on.

Still, I'm worried once I get to him in TVHM I'll never get lucky enough to see one again.

Only idoits can't spell.
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