Poll: How you feel about the LLM getting patched

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User Info: tony8669

4 years ago#51
danishjuggler21 posted...
killbot357 posted...
I wonder if people who whine about Gearbox patching exploits also complain you can't use a rocket launcher when playing chess.

Wait, wait, wait.... Back up. Are you implying that some people play chess WITHOUT rocket launchers?!

My god, some people are BORING.

HUH? How the heck can you play without one? That's a major part of the game's strategy.

User Info: Tsuruke

4 years ago#52
Pensato posted...
killbot357 posted...
or making it impossible for others to pick up items you've dropped.

It wouldn't cut out duping entirely,

Yeah, fix it by taking out a mechanic that would make co-op more annoying for most players while doing almost nothing to stop the issue. On top of all the crying it would cause it wouldn't dent the dup trade much at all, because it would still be easier and faster to doup than fram.

This is why developers should never listen to gamers, most don't know wtf they're talking about. More so for Gearbox since they already have a hard enough time not ****ing up their own games as is.

Humor me if you would so kindly, do you even still have this game?
Because frankly, all I ever see you do is bash GBX nothing but threads that mention "bugs" or "patches". Not once have I seen you mention anything in-game "proactively" related -- unless I missed it.

(All trolling aside on your part and all flaming aside on mine -- in the past) Just strictly/seriously curious.
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