Next time you're looking for a legendary class mod, just think "Dr. Zed"

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  3. Next time you're looking for a legendary class mod, just think "Dr. Zed"

User Info: DRCEQ

4 years ago#1
Made my way through the WEP, taking some time to kill Pimon and Tumbaa (seriously, the shield on that bastard...) and making my way to the loot midget boxes. By the time I got to the ammo and health vendors by the monster arena, the machines where just about to get new inventory. I look at Dr. Zed's machine, and there is a level 58 legendary mechromancer class mod. 10 seconds left to buy and it costs 1.7M? Aww **** it, I'm not letting that slip by.

(My character was 58, now 59 btw).

I forget what the mod does directly, but it has +5 to Cooking Up Trouble, More Pep, Strength of Five Gorillas, the uhh, the Anarchy one you have to invest in that increases reload speed but decreases clip size, and... one other skill that I never use anyway.

What are the odds? Dang!
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User Info: tony8669

4 years ago#2
Impulse buy, huh?

User Info: Jambi_Man

4 years ago#3
Man, that's awesome. Nice find. But, I think that was just great luck. I've looked at an estimated 1500+ vendors & still have never found an orange. I'm not giving up though, it'll happen eventually....right?
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User Info: Oeoeo23

4 years ago#4
it happens, my first legendary was the one I wanted the most at the time: level 50 Legendary Soldier mod, found in the Dr. Zed machine at the Happy Pig.

I still remember that feeling of disbelief. I just couldn't believe it but thankfully I had the money and bought it and equipped it right there. I was so happy. My most happy Loot moment ever in gaming.
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User Info: tony8669

4 years ago#5
One time I saw a legendary in a vending machine worth getting, but didn't have enough money to do so.

(Cool story bro).

User Info: Lahar

4 years ago#6
Our first time in The Holy Spirits, my co-op bud found his Legendary Berserker mod (level 20) and I was so jealous until our next visit there and the machine had a Legendary Soldier mod for me (also 20). That is my 'talk about luck / RNG' story that I've posted here a couple of times.
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  3. Next time you're looking for a legendary class mod, just think "Dr. Zed"

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