Starting Zer0 for the first time, any advice?

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User Info: EX_Koakuma

4 years ago#11
Dethuli posted...
Spec into Critical Ascenti0n, and be sure to take any and all critical hit perks. You might be tempted to use a sniper rifle, but you actually want to use a caustic infinity. Hold RT until everything dies. Also, play rad rad techno music while playing--it makes Zer0 kill better.

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User Info: Jambi_Man

4 years ago#12
MTGxerxes posted...
For PT1, you're better off going with the sniping tree IMO, so it depends if you're the normal way up to 61 or getting power leveled up there.

You don't ever have to go sniping if going melee.

Building your zero in sniper early is not going to prep you for the playstyle you need for a successful melee zero. It's a style that differs from others greatly, and I'd recommend building it from the start.
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User Info: MTGxerxes

4 years ago#13
StormWolf12 posted...
MTGxerxes posted...
For PT1, you're better off going with the sniping tree IMO, so it depends if you're the normal way up to 61 or getting power leveled up there.

Your opinion is wrong. Cause math.

So a level 10 Zero should walk around in everything's face with no skills or benefits to melee outside of small health/damage boost... instead of +20% crit damage for everything without needing to be in the face of the bad guys.

I just don't really see that being very survivable. And unlike PT2-3, you can easily OHKO everything with a sniper in PT1 (no slag necessary) from a distance and clean out a whole camp before you'd even be able to run around finding the bad guys to stab.

A level 20 or (whatever you are at the time) going to melee Wilhelm to death? Or the Constructor keeping Roland in a cage? Meanwhile +significant crit damage and bore won't help at all. The Bunker? Angel's room? Alrighty then... guess I'll just toss all my guns on the ground then.

Just in case... if you're using a heavy dose of guns with your early melee build instead of all melee like I'm implying above, why would you not just use the gun skills then?
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User Info: Kiyosuki_Mk2

4 years ago#14
Some quick tips, though this is mostly from my perspective on playing Zer0 so don't feel like it's a mandate to do it exactly like this.

-Early game anything's good, but Bloodshed has things like Iron Hand, Followthrough, and Grim which help survivability...probably the most important thing early game.

-Mid level range, when you get enough to get an end tree ability I recommend respecing to Cunning. Unless you REALLY like Sniper Rifles or Many Must Fall, but both of those are extreme specializations that I don't think you can take full advantage of yet quite frankly, whereas Cunning gives you Kunai, Unforseen, Death Mark (goes with Kunai to give you a damage debuff from afar) and a plethora of nice general bonuses that are all excellent mid level.

-In fact I'd even go as far as to say his Cunning tree is the "core" of the character late game. Even by the end levels I can't see any good reason not to use Cunning even if using abilities from the other trees.

-By 50, you can have either Bore or Execute with other abilities along with full Cunning. If you do go full Sniper by then, you'll probably need a Bee shield (well you'll always need a bee shield probably) and a sniper rifle like Skullmasher, or a Love Thumper and Rapier/Slag Rubi for Many Must Fall as well as mods/relics that fit those respective styles. In other words, by then you're really gonna have to start considering your gear and how you want to specialize. For general use though I still think Cunning and half of another tree is best.

-By late game a lot of things open up. Cunning with both Bore AND Execute in the other two trees was really great for early Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode, but now I use Cunning and Bloodshed with one point in Headshot (Legendary mod makes it 6/5) and Zer0 just has so many options. I'm sure by this point you'll have a grasp on what you want to do.

-A lot of Zer0s' essential tools are nice because they're quest items. Slag Evis Rubi (The Rubi, just be sure to dashboard before accepting the quest reward until you get the version you want. Melee mod, and an effect..probably Slag.), Captain Blades' Rapier (again try to get an effect), Sandhawk, Love Thumper. The Law pistol is a nice, early, easy to get melee boost (+100) early game, before you get the Rapier or Rubi. The Law and Order combo used to be what I'd consider essential but it's hard to deny that the Rubi just trumps both of them for lifesteal in every way.

-On non quest items, you probably want a Bee shield which is crazy easy to farm. Weapons depend entirely on your preference, though Zer0 takes best advantage of the Infinity Pistol probably since One Shot One Kill is always in effect on it, on top of Rising Shot and Two Fang along with a bee shield he can really make that gun amazing. Skullmasher's great for Snipers though I'm sure there's others that people prefer.

-Overall just remember he's meant to be a tactical character. He's not Salvador. Just pace yourself, and be smart with your options (don't ALWAYS melee even if you've got melee options), and finally also remember that hiding is like...the point of the character, and you'll have everything you need to survive anything.. Good luck.

Also don't be afraid to experiment, you can respec any time you want remember.

User Info: roitact

4 years ago#15
utill you have the skill points, class mods and other equipment available, a pure melee builds not that useful, you'd be better off focusing half on half between his melee and sniper skill trees you , then respec later on.
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