New idea for game play.

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User Info: Nightsteed02

4 years ago#1
Leaderboards. This is an idea that would bring a new competitive element to BL2. Have leaderboards setup for raid bosses, quest, or entire areas cleared (like how long it takes you to clear Bloodshot Stronghold). If done right, I could see teams being formed and players spending more time online trying to get the best score. Hell I break out Forza 3 every now and then to see where I stack up. What do you all think? I would also add that every game mode would have different tiers. TVHM would have different leaderboards than UVHM. perhaps a level cap for each.
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User Info: SyxxPakk6

4 years ago#2
Would just be littered with modded item players and hackers.
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User Info: ASTRO_JAX

4 years ago#3
i think a loot drop, rather than onto the floor, but into a shared inventory where players can "bid" on items to get would be good. When bidded on its like rolling a dice or something and whoever gets the highest score wins the item. Something like that.
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