Good Gunzerker mod to use?

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User Info: MTGxerxes

4 years ago#1
Hey all. I've used some form of 'Titan' the whole game (currently 42) as Health Regen just makes things less hectic, and a large boost to overall Gun Damage is kind of amazing. But now as I've leveled a bit more I have some regen through his skills, and its not as significant to have it on the mod. Still, +30% or so to my gun damage is nothing to sneeze at.

What are the other good options for him though? Do the ones with Team Bullet Regen let you regenerate rockets? If so I could see myself regenerating rockets and using the auto-reload skill so I can just keep switching around... but I dunno if that would really be more effective than standard play.

Keep in mind, I play legit so I can't just "Oh use the Legendary mod" or whatever as good stuff doesn't drop for me. I'm mostly just asking so I can be on the lookout for names that I find in Vendors and stuff.

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User Info: chaos_belmont

4 years ago#2
I can't help you but I semi like your post, keep it up.
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User Info: capnovan

4 years ago#3
MTGxerxes posted...
Do the ones with Team Bullet Regen let you regenerate rockets?

they don't
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User Info: brianvolk42

4 years ago#4
It depends on how you play the zerker. I like gunzerking constantly so I used an Unstoppable Berserker mod. I had a really good purple one drop around level 40 and used it until I was 50.

User Info: garublador

4 years ago#5
I don't think you get rockets from the bullet regeneration from the Hoarder mod. It'd be a lot cooler if you did.

What mods will be best will really depend on what skills you already have and what tactics you use. The Titan mod is pretty solid if you have a lot invested in the Brawn tree. You don't have a lot of skills that add to your damage and not having as much shield probably won't matter becasue of how much health, regeneration and damage reduction you'll have.

I've been using the Berzerker mod with bonuses to Yippee Ki Yay and Last Longer. I've invested heavily in the Rampage tree so those just help me Gunzerk longer and more often. With a Rubi I don't really need any of the Brawn skills so the bonuses from the Titan mod aren't that useful.

The Renegade mod is pretty good if you can get a big boost to I'm Your Huckleberry. You'll get a giant boost to your pistol damage and a good boost to reload speed.

I think that the Raider mod is pretty popular for the boost to Money Shot, if you choose to abuse that skill.

User Info: FAILUREtoreply

4 years ago#6
Unfortunately the Hoarder mod does not regen rockets, if it did my god would Sal be an even bigger ba. While the Hoarder mod may not regen rockets, its skills that are boosted can make up for the no rocket ammo regen. For example using a Vladof Spingun with 10/5 '5 shots or 6' can at times give you even more ammo than expending it after a kill. I prefer Gun Lust/Rampage mainly because I always run with a Slagged Rubi so I have no reason to go down Brawn.

I would recommend an Auspicious Raider that has 11/5 Money Shot for some ridiculous damage, or the Hoarder mod. I have both these mods at all times so I can switch my load out when I need ammo or feel like regen ammo while melting bandit faces with my fire Shredifier/Slagged Rubi combo.
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