How many legitimate Golden Keys do you have right now?

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  3. How many legitimate Golden Keys do you have right now?

User Info: StormWolf12

4 years ago#11
SolidStryder posted...
StormWolf12 posted...
I've never once entered a shift code.

Too busy grinding bro?

Usually too stoned to put in a 12 character code or whatever.

User Info: KellyRipya

4 years ago#12
You must have missed a lot of codes Chili if you've only used 10 and have 37. I've only had the game a few months but with all the codes at Orcz and the new ones coming out all the time I have 68 keys. And I've used about 30 on top of that
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User Info: elconoM

4 years ago#13
one, or one a character
not certain of the mechanics of the use

prefer to at some point "farm"
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User Info: True_Masamune

4 years ago#14
Had close to 60, now only have 10 -_-

User Info: illbzo1

4 years ago#15
15 maybe. I mostly use them for lower level characters. Once I hit the level cap, I like to farm the Treasure Room.
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User Info: chaos_belmont

4 years ago#16
27, hold the applause.
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User Info: Zenxin

4 years ago#17
76 or so

never spent a one

User Info: tony8669

4 years ago#18
I've got like 35 or so. I think I've only used one, but for some reason I watch their twitter feed for when they have new Shift codes.

Maybe when I get to 61 I'll just go nuts. Although honestly, they're probably more useful when you really need some gear at your character's level.
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  3. How many legitimate Golden Keys do you have right now?

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