Any one want to play?

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User Info: elconoM

4 years ago#11
Do you dupe? no, for both 1 & 2
Do you power level? want to, just against the Ultimate Rakk Hive from first game
Do you farm? no
On a scale of 1(legit) to 10(full blown cheater), how would you describe your play style? 2 or 3 for lack of crit hits and lack of caring for various "secrets"
Do you ninja loot? no by nature, yes by excitement at times
Do you have a mic? yes, Asperger's has me silent mostly
Do you have any dlc? If yes which ones? season pass, most those class skin/heads
Would you fight orangutans with a stick if you had the means to do so? y/n
What characters do you have? one each as main, enjoy fresh starts as noncommando's
What is you badass rank? Also do you play with it on or off? 9000, and on or off WTF???
Do you use the bee shield constantly? not yet owned
Do you use a sandhawk, dp herald, or any other popular weapons? no, just whatever floats my boat but usually
Are you a hardcore box farmer? never seriously LLM'd
Do you hoard weapons? etech from solo plays, yellows, purps
Do you have modded weapons? no
Do you mod yourself? no

Please list a general description of yourself including your GT:
Lv20-30 mostly casual 28yr old male from GMT minus seven time zone wise
rather active reliably with first Borderlands having a Lv69 Lilith and others in progress & all DLC expansions just needing Underdome scores
fave characters are Clap Trap, Brick, Maya, Mordecai, Steele.
And Roman.
I mean Marcus. Yeah. F* bowling.

plays the Fables, some Game Room, and knows that Miscrits is maybe THE game like Pokémon that is not Pokémon. Google " Miscripedia " to maybe feels for this lesser known than Farmville Facebook game

GT @ megatr0n e5kim0
Pokemon. The Borderlands. GTA's. Animal Crossings.
b2w2 FC available trades -- XBL GT @ megatr0n e5kim0
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