Well, lost all my characters.

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(message deleted)
Now yall are cool? lol
Currently Playing: Borderlands 2 (Xbox 360), FarCry 3 (Xbox 360)
I'm on one.

User Info: Jkickit

4 years ago#33
I'm always cool. http://i59.photobucket.com/albums/g299/Vegeta221/1364630127250_zpsefa8e83a.jpg
http://i.imgur.com/qfsbZAm.png -- GT: Gears of Wario
Now Playing: Borderlands2/FFXIII-2/MW2

User Info: Phiniox

4 years ago#34
Wow how this topic went the way i shouldve expected it XD lmao tho i did get a good laugh

User Info: Peter_Griffin33

4 years ago#35
Jkickit posted..

looooooool don't need help anymore. I did play the game, like 20 times.
but what's the matter bro, closing your thread because you can't handle the meanies hurting your wittle feelings?

Wow, when did this become ****ing middle school? Be more mature, then come talk to me.
http://i.imgur.com/ywEXn.gif http://i.minus.com/ibm3Ti5mZYdMON.gif

User Info: xboxBUNZILLA

4 years ago#36
your other dad sayz posted...
Now yall are cool? lol

Dude was lurking in our party for about a hour...
word to the wise, turn off your BAR before you dashboard. :)
BayouJoe posted... Cool, I found the duct tape, no more interruptions from the young uns.
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  3. Well, lost all my characters.

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