only cheaters lose BA ranks /skins/head profile corrupted etc..

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User Info: capnovan

4 years ago#21
monster138 posted...
capnovan posted...

Any ideas on the ......or something?

this was directed at TC
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User Info: Azrael0206

4 years ago#22
Zenxin posted...
EarlJenson posted...
Degalon posted... It happens for me just because its signing into my profile while signing into Borderlands (As in, my xbox is set to immediately start a game if there's a disc in the tray, rather than going to dashboard first)

So because its still signing into my profile, the game sets everything to "default" because its signing in without a profile, then when it finishes signing me into my profile, I find i'm left with everything defaulted because apparently some wires got crossed.

That sounds plausible-ish.

I always thought it was related to some kind of wire cross with online play... but that sounds reasonable. I haven't encountered the problem, and I've done all kinds of duping via splitscreen and bug abuse. But I'm playing offline, and I've always had the box set to start at the dashboard (like to confirm what's in the tray before I actually get going).

before the 360 even had the feature to boot directly to the dashboard even with a game inserted, in early 06 there was a game called Full Auto which wiped out all of your progress the way Degalon described. I can't imagine it was the only game to do this. It personally happened to me, and a friend of mine.

From that point on, I turned my console on every time by ejecting the disc tray until a dashboard update added the option to go directly to dashboard. Just seems risky not to.

I remember that game
It was a launch title for 360 wasn't it?
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User Info: TheEmpty1

4 years ago#23
I was playing coop with a legit longtime friend once pirate booty DLC was released. Shortly after we beat it, like day 3, we were going to farm for seraph crystals and my game froze during an area transition. Reset and guess what, corrupted. I only just cake back for the level increase, but I am glad they added in automatic backups.

User Info: monster138

4 years ago#24
I still have it
My son and his friends play it now
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User Info: 3CDED

4 years ago#25
Azrael0206 posted...

I remember that game
It was a launch title for 360 wasn't it?

i think so

F***ing awesome it was too. cars with guns i mean how can it get better?
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