think i understand now...

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User Info: SolidStryder

4 years ago#11
That part wasn't really directed towards you, can't remember seeing you do it. A few people around here who have spent the last few months jumping into any thread just to say an item/build/whatever sucks without actually doing anything to contribute.

User Info: x3kingsheat136x

4 years ago#12
I understand killbots stance I mean people ask for stuff but don't offer anything in return or even say thank you they think they are entitled to everything on the game. I ask for alot of stuff from here but I'm always offering something useful up like if I ask for PL than I offer it back out of fairness. If someone doesn't want anything back I simply say thank you for helping me out because its polite. Some people don't see it this way but I'm just saying they are not entitled to the stuff on the game for free.
Gt same as username
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User Info: The_Kiriyama

4 years ago#13
If you're solid, you're welcome to add me, Plasma. Friendship is magic.
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User Info: Pairedsnake

4 years ago#14
*Rattles cup* Alms...Alms for the poor...

User Info: jdlaney

4 years ago#15
Exactly what I've been saying for a while. I don't have a problem duping things for people. Most of us have other obligations. And modded gear is a blast. I would never take it into someone else's game and if I use it in mine, I'll go offline so no one pops in. I've played through legit countless times, but after a long crappy work day, it's nice to come home and lay waste to stuff. I used the smasher sometimes the same way and for the same reasons. Gearbox constantly patching stuff is like buying a car and having Ford tell you to leave the stock radio alone. It's crap. It's communism.
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User Info: monster138

4 years ago#16
GT IamMonster138
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User Info: zeldafaneight

4 years ago#17
Plasma you're welcome to add me. I've been looking for someone to play borderlands with since my buddy hasn't had as much free time cause of school. Even so we've been looking for a third for an UVHM run. My GT is in sig.
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User Info: Jambi_Man

4 years ago#18
Ignore what you dislike, and move on...

There are plenty of helpful souls here, and also plenty of jerks. Like everything else in life, you just need to move along till you find which side suits you! :)
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User Info: The_Kiriyama

4 years ago#19
Certainly seems to be a lot of nice people in this thread, so far. Anyone who would like to play BL2, BF3, Defiance, or whatever. Yer all welcome to add me, just send me an add, and a party invite and we can chat and game. Though bear in mind, if it's for Defiance, i'm in the UK, so I can't play with NA on that game. It's region locked, if you didn't know already.
GamerTag: TheKiriyama
Currently Playing: Battlefield 3, Borderlands 2, Dark Souls, Red Dead Redemption

User Info: SinisterBlade

4 years ago#20
plasmatic529 posted...
It seems as though this board isn't for helping people out and making the game more enjoyable for others...its about bashing players that seek help, people begging for everything without even attempting to search for it, and for some players to talk down on others that dont play exactly like they do. :/ Thought this was suppose to be a community of people who share their experiences and love to see others have fun. I will tell you now I think nodding is awesome, in your own game. I do think its disrespectful to join someone's game and be all crazy strong due to modded weapons, stats, or ba ranks. I know ill catch crap from this post but oh well. If you don't completely hate what I'm saying I'm always looking for new xbl friends to play with :P

It is for me. I really love helping people out. Those people you speak of generally annoy me as well.

Its great though when somebody tells you, you made their day when at least for me, its like all I did was go in my Vault, press back and then hit “X”. :P
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