Drop rates boosted?

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User Info: illbzo1

4 years ago#11
ROFLMEOW posted...
I don't know about enemy drop rates, but chests have been much better to me lately. Just now, I got a Sawbar (pearl!) and a Deliverance in one run at the Leviathan treasure chamber. In a few previous runs, I got a Rolling Thunder, two Invaders, a White Death, and Sledge's Shotgun. Two weeks ago, I got maybe one orange out of every six or seven runs. Now I'm seeing one in nearly every run.

Nice. I still haven't seen a pearl in the Treasure Room, but I see an orange roughly every 3 runs.
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User Info: EarthboundD2

4 years ago#12
I got a bee from hunter after 2 kills (including the quest kill). Has gearbox said anything about this?

User Info: NeoGamer

4 years ago#13
For anyone having luck with the treasure room, is it online or offline?

I made about 20 Treasure Room runs earlier today and didn't find anything. A few months ago, I would find a legendary every 3 or 4 runs and constantly found purple gear worth using. Now I find mostly blue and a few purples here and there.

And what is up with the equipment scaling (or lack thereof) ? I'm 57 now and I did find a L57 Legendary Soldier Mod a few days ago which was the SAME stat wise as my L50 mod. Same with the protection relic. I had been using a L50 purple which gave +48% health. I just found one, L57, which is a much improved 48.8%...
Would you kindly?

User Info: booyakasha128

4 years ago#14
The posts about Hellfires are ****ing killing me, i've farmed for hours since I hit 61 and haven't got jack.
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