True Vault Hunter Playthru, Wanna Help?

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User Info: shaundead77

4 years ago#1
Ok its just gone 9am Sunday Morning. I just started True Vault hunter mode last night on my Level 39 Berserker and I'm gonna be playing thru it all today to try to get to Level 50.

I only just got to Southern Shelf so I'm right at the start, if anyone wants to drops in my game and get some sweet rank up points then drop me a message.

I'll be going through the story line quick so I can get all side missions levelled to 50 and I'm sure they will be plenty of good drops along the way and I'll use a few keys on the golden box!!

Msg me if you wanna play, thanks guys, more people equals more XP

xbl shaundead77

User Info: MrPhotoSmash

4 years ago#2
I can help.

GT: MrPhotoSmash

User Info: powerslave855

4 years ago#3
Gt P0werslave420

User Info: slashplayer990

4 years ago#4
Where abouts are you upto in the story missions? If your near the start I'll join GT: Digital Tuna. :)
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