giveaway for the next 40 mins

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User Info: jordoneus121

4 years ago#1
msg me on live in the next 40 mins n i will give u one item of your choosing. all items are at 61. there are very few things i dont have so hopefully i can help you out
"One of my hardest parts of my job is to console family members who have lost their lives" - George Bush
Gamertag: jordoneus121

User Info: WiiLover94

4 years ago#2
Do you have Terra's Hide?
"He never saw Molly again."
XBL GT: Hellcamino420 - Currently Playing: Borderlands 2/ Injustice: Gods Among Us

User Info: Solo

4 years ago#3
Thank you very much for the gunzerker mod.
getting moderated builds character

User Info: mrpiston

4 years ago#4
Much obliged good sir.

User Info: SeekAndDestroy2

4 years ago#5
Thanks again for the twister
PSN & GT: darkstar5577
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