Should I just get borderlands 1

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User Info: xxlordnosferatu

4 years ago#21
I really liked Borderlands 1 a lot myself. I felt the drop rates were better, and I also liked the DLC better than 2's. Well, everything except the Underdome. I tried playing it again after I got 2. Everything in 2 has been improved upon. More environments, a huge variety of enemies (although we could have done without Rabid Skags), and I really like the UI in 2 as well.
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User Info: BuyersRemorse55

4 years ago#22
gunsndroses posted...
AdriGod posted...
Borderlands 2 has significantly better writing, level design/ environments, much more enjoyable quests and way more interesting characters (both playable and npcs). You know, the things that kind of matter in games..

Bl1 on the other hand.. extremely brown with tons of boring quests. The DLCs in in BL1 are much better than BL2 dlc though, i'll give it that.

From what i hear item farming is much better in the first game, so if you're only playing to farm items then maybe. If you don't care for farming like most people, then the first game is completely obsolete

All 100% subjective.

I don't care about writing and stories in video games; I care about gameplay. At no point has BL2 given me the same feeling of "this is awesome" as BL1 did.

I dont see how anyone in mordern gaming can still go with this old cliche. Good writing, voice acting and stories only make a game that much better. If you have good gameplay on top of that, its just a major win. BL1 is one of the rare games this gen that actually wins just on gameplay alone. I've been replaying currently cause of BL2, it and its a ton of fun. But BL2 just trumps it with an actual good story and funny voice acting. I'd say the writing in both games is close, but BL2 seems to have more voice acting where as a lot of quests in BL1 you have to read the text.
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