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Whats the best class/build for solo?

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User Info: Brandy1977

3 years ago#1
I have no way to play my 360 online so i am soloing the entire time and am getting beat down pretty badly in late TVHM.What is the best class/build/weapons for soloing in late game?

Any help would be awesome,im tired of getting eat down so badly.I am using Salvadore with a Bee/CC currently.

User Info: StormWolf12

3 years ago#2
Melee Zero and Gunlust/Rampage DPS sal are the best classes for solo endgame.

User Info: curtland

3 years ago#3
I'm not SUPER far into TVHM, but my Rampage Sal has beasted pretty well so far and I don't even have very good gear.

If you spec it right, you can be gunzerking almost constantly!
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  3. Whats the best class/build for solo?

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