LF low level legendaries

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User Info: stg92

4 years ago#1
Looking for any legendaries from level 30 to about 45 to help level up my gunzerker. Any help would be appreciated. GT: zethyyg

User Info: codehunter87

4 years ago#2
I can try farming for some lvl 30 ones on Pete if you don't mind waiting around a bit on the game. You'll also get some eridium, cash, and levels during the grind if you're on game with me during the hunt. Though I will have to farm for Torgue Tokens if you see a legend in the Torgue Machines you want and can't afford it. I'd farm on TVHM, but we'd only see Lvl 50 gear if I did, so unless you want some level boosting, it wouldn't be a lot of help right away.
GT Forte Baroque

User Info: jdlaney

4 years ago#3
I have some I could dupe you. Be on in about an hour if you wanna shoot me a message on live.
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GT : JoeDamn
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