SUMMER!!! uvhm playthrough

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User Info: thunderbeast13

4 years ago#1
Finally its summer and now time to play borderlands. Currently doing a UVHM playthrough and welcoming anyone that wants to join. GT: DTS GONTOBATE69

User Info: gunsndroses

4 years ago#2
Summer starts in 43 days.
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User Info: youngunner2123

4 years ago#3
Yeah I'll send invite on June 21st
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User Info: nkohn26

4 years ago#4
This guy is obviously from the future.

User Info: thunderbeast13

4 years ago#5
College fellas. Just finished baseball season and finals so its def summer.

User Info: Jambi_Man

4 years ago#6
For the working man, it's definitely not summer yet.

lol at college kids in a bubble world.

But have fun in UVHM, it's a blast!!
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4 years ago#8
I haven't had a "summer" in a decade. I don't really miss it either.
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User Info: stickboy2323

4 years ago#9
I hate summer. Too damn hot.
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User Info: thunderbeast13

4 years ago#10
Sorry if I mad anyone mad about summer. Just excited for the end of finals and baseball and I get to play borderlands and dragons dogma again lol
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