boost party?

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User Info: kyle514

4 years ago#31
I should be on after 4:00pm Central Time. I have a couple level 50 characters I want to get to 61.

XBL - doppelganger514
---XBL: doppelganger514

User Info: monster138

4 years ago#32
Gt IamMonster138
"it doesn't mean I'm not sick of this damned war;
the mud, the noise, .....the.....the endless poetry!" ------ Lord Flashheart

User Info: stg92

4 years ago#33

User Info: williswrath

4 years ago#34
If you have room my son and I would enjoy a boost.
My gt: Wondrous1
My sons: Burning Lunatic

If you can get to us awesome. If not no worries.
PSN WillisWrath
GT Wondrous1

User Info: neutrino_3

4 years ago#35

User Info: dk2101

4 years ago#36

User Info: TAlvil2arez22

4 years ago#37
Xbl talvarez22

User Info: plasmatic529

4 years ago#38
Ive started going down the list already. I'll get to you when I get to you. I will only be doing chars from lvl 1-61 first. New chars only first. One char per person
GT: Plasmatic529

User Info: spineyspade8

4 years ago#39
Got a level 1 gunzerker would like leveled up please. Won't be on for a while I am at work. Check back when I get done. Hopefully you will still be doing this. Thx. GT spinyspade8.

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