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User Info: hybrid_5tigmata

4 years ago#11
After getting revived, he put a sock on his d*** and went spread eagle.
Thank you Based God

User Info: ShAd0wF1amE

4 years ago#12
XBL GT: ShAd0wF1AmE (that's a zero in ShAd0w, not an O)

User Info: KellyRipya

4 years ago#13
Zer0, embarrassed and blushing, cupped his hand across his mouth as he realized death had not cured him of his life-long struggle with Tourettes Syndrome
All those moments will be lost in time, like Evisceration Rubi's in Borderlands 2.
GT: Althea N Hell

User Info: ssj954vegito

4 years ago#14
Gaige then wanders into the room wearing nothing but a bathing suit, her face crimson as the bad touch smg, with the softest but strangely fierce puppy eyes you've ever seen, like, a rabid skag in a tutu......or the other way around, er, something. She walked slowly, yet sensually towards zero, arms crossed behind her, she looks down as if unsure but looks back up with a staggering surge of confidence. She gazes at Zero, dead in the eyes [wherever they are], leans in slowly, then kisses him, Zer0 now knows her true feels, Gaige leans over, ever so slightly, and grabs Zor-er Zer0's now impossibly oversaturated erect tissue, they kiss one more time [through the helmet] then s-
proud to be a strange EPic
You ever notice that everything in the universe spins.

User Info: youngunner2123

4 years ago#15
After seeing all that. Axton walks in and says his disturbing line of

Wow do you exercise! (At zeros erect zone)
Your arms are too short to box with GOD!!!

User Info: iOutlawTorn

4 years ago#16
Then Zer0 says, "And I disappear. A ghost amidst the combat. Preparing to strike."

User Info: Tsuruke

4 years ago#17
lol someone didn't read the rule listed in the topic. ;)

User Info: ShAd0wF1amE

4 years ago#18
XBL GT: ShAd0wF1AmE (that's a zero in ShAd0w, not an O)

User Info: Jambi_Man

4 years ago#19
Sal finally arrives, zerking with a Twister shotty in one hand, and the game of Twister in the other, with 5/5 in divergent likeness....
Would you like to do battle with a Brony riding piggyback on a Rabid Stalker? If the answer is no, you are sad, and I've no desire to speak with you further.

User Info: Double991

4 years ago#20
"Thanks" I said to the TC.
PSN : Double991
With my Axton I am the Forrest Gump of Borderlands 2! I'm overpowered so I can't be nerfed and I also breach integrity's!
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